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FAQs on rapid antigen tests

When you hear about a rapid antigen test, some questions will run through your mind. It is usual for one to be curious to know more about it. However, this article will explain or provide solutions to some questions that may rule your mind regarding rapid antigen tests. 

Therefore, we urge you to shun all distractions right now and follow us precept upon precept. But before we proceed to the details, it will be nice to kick start with the meaning of the rapid antigen test itself.

What is a rapid antigen test? 

The introduction of this test came in due to the war the world faced in 2019. In 2019, the world was in distress, and everyone was seeking help. An activity came up, and the world was at a spot. We believe you know what we are talking about. Yes! Of course, the pandemic. The case of C0VID 19 was a severe issue. That way, a series of instruments were introduced to test and diagnose people from coronavirus

So, a rapid antigen test is a test to diagnose or know if one is battling with COVID 19. One amazing thing about this test is that it’s a tool that an individual can use. That is, you don’t need to visit the clinic before you can detect if you have COVID 19 or not. How about that? Isn’t that lovely? A rapid antigen test is a simple tool that an individual can carry. Now, with this unique tool, everyone has access and the free will to know if they have contacted coronavirus or not.

FAQs on rapid antigen tests

One of the reasons why the rapid antigen test became a popular tool that every individual should own is that the COVID test must be done almost every day. For instance, it is good to do COVID 19 before going to a party or a meeting where many people will be coming. The journey doesn’t end there. It is also expedient for every individual to pass through testing after engaging in activities that are not done indoors. You need to know if you’re safe from COVID 19. We hope you’ve seen how useful this tool is.

How does the rapid antigen test differ from other tests?

RAT makes it easy to test for SARS-CoV-2 infectiousness, and one will get the result within fifteen minutes. There are other types of rapid tests: Abbott BinaxNOW, otherwise known as the Roche Rapid test. This test is used to diagnose unique proteins on the virus called antigens. All the rapid antigen tests can be used at home. Of course, you don’t need a description. It is just like a pregnancy test. After the process, you can interpret the result yourself. Therefore, they deliver results within the twinkle of an eye. Although, rapid antigen tests require a separate electronic device. 

Who is the one to do this test?

The simple answer to this question is everyone. No one should think a rapid antigen test excludes him. Currently, COVID 19 cases are still rampant, and some countries are still recording death cases from coronavirus. So, experts, researchers, psychologists, and philosophers came together to look for a way out or to eradicate the coronavirus. After putting their skills together, the only way to curb COVID 19 is to stop it from spreading. So what did they arrive at? They all conclude that everyone should have a device to test themselves to know if they have coronavirus or not. Now, medical experts introduced rapid antigen tests. Hence, once you do this test yourself and notice that you’re infected, you need to isolate yourself. In a nutshell, this rapid antigen test is for everyone. 

What is test sensitivity? 

There are two types of test sensitivity: diagnostic sensitivity and infectiousness sensitivity. When people have the virus in their body, diagnostic sensitivity is what they need to do to detect the virus in their body system. On the other hand, if someone is infectious with the virus, the probability that a test will know the virus is infectiousness sensitivity. Now, how do you know if someone is contagious? Infectiousness sensitivity is what matters. Rapid antigen tests have exceptional infectiousness sensitivity liken to PCR.

Are all rapid antigen tests good? 

The simple answer is NO! Rapid antigen tests vary in quality. Thus, even the best antigen test can only detect the low-level virus. Others are not as sensitive as the best ones but are also helpful. Some RATs perform poorly, and they should not be used. But not all of them. Therefore, we advise you to read independent validation reports and not just rely on manufacturer claims. 

FAQs on rapid antigen tests

Will rapid antigen tests give people a false sense of security? 

Over the years, there have been several questions like this about HIV testing and HPV vaccination. Research shows that all objections and opinions are wrong. RAT allows you to do what you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Do RAT detects the new variants of COVID? 

Of course, yes! That’s its work. So far, RAT has been a unique tool to detect all new variants like Omicron. In 2021, the United Kingdom security agency announced that sample dilution analysis showed comparable performance over all variants for a standard test. Several pieces of evidence indicate that RAT can detect a new variant of COVID.  

Where can I get the RAT kit in Australia?

There are several medical equipment stores in Australia where one can get quality RAT kits. But we can list some of them for you here. If you want a quality RAT kit, you can visit the following;

  • Medical test kits 
  • Rapid antigen test Melbourne
  • Rapid test & track Pty Ltd
  • My CovidTest

All the above-listed companies are companies you can trust. You’ll surely get the best RAT kits from them. Of course, you can search for more options on search engines.

Final words

Dear reader, we hope we have taken you through an extraordinary journey. What we revealed to you here is vital information hidden to many. So, how can we help others to benefit from this? You can share the link to this platform with people around you. It’ll go a long way. You never can tell. Someone you know might need it. 

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